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<p>To average consumer, when floor of choose and buy, the element such as quality, environmental protection, wear-resisting, exterior and price is the problem that its basically pay close attention to.How To Make Swimming Pool Deck Bench Seats The floor that goes up before eye is main with real wood floor, real wood compound floor reachs aggrandizement compound floor is given priority to. Among them, compound wood floor (a general designation that aggrandizement wood floor and solid wood join a floor board) as a result of burnish of exterior paint film beautiful, wear-resisting, heat-resisting, impulse withstand, flame retardant, mouldproof, moth-proofing wait, the price compares petty gain relatively, held bigger buy specific gravity. And it is as a result of compound wood floor in the process that make, involve the use of man-made plank, consequently its guard a pass because of producing quality lax, the quality problem that create also is most. </p>
<p>In these quality problems,modern plastic outdoor furniture adelaide what consumer pays close attention to most is formaldehyde exceeds mark issue. And the formaldehyde in compound wood floor basically arises to fasten colophony at making the formaldehyde that agglutinate effect has in the process. Sex of agglutinate of this kind of colophony is stronger, have strengthen plank hardness, insect-resistant, anticorrosive function and low-cost, it is the agglutination raw material that looks forefathers makes plank first selection. The formaldehyde that is contained in the floor won't volatilize instantly, volatilize adagio because of different lukewarm wet condition however, volatilize time is as long as 10 years of above. </p>
<p>Well-known, formaldehyde is a kind of colorless, gas that has intense excitant taste. If live for a long time in formaldehyde chroma to exceed the environment of mark, the person's eye, nose, respiratory system suffers apparent harm possibly, perhaps suffer from contract skin disease. In addition, easy cause pregnant woman to appear have a headache, lack of power, fatigue, be agitated, easy the symptom such as excited, insomnia, cause even gravid and integrated proof, new student chromosome is unusual, cause damage of development of ministry of fetal development deformation, abortion, fetal head finally, the congenital blemish such as congenital heart 6ft tall fencing Accordingly, world each country has strict level to releasing a quantity to be made about the formaldehyde of plywood product. Our country also is made to this have mandatory standard, namely GB18580-2001 " interior decoration decorates material man-made board and its goods formaldehyde release a quantity " . This standard sets, the requirement that solid wood adds up to a floor to must reach E1 level (formaldehyde releases a quantity to be 1.5mg/L) , go up in product mark bright show. </p>
<p>Besides the harm of formaldehyde, wearability of exterior impact resistance, surface (exterior wear-resisting revolution) the problem that also is consumer need attention.synthetic types of house sheathing Take exterior impact resistance for, it is to show the method with the regulation undertakes pounding an experiment to the floor, the indentation diameter bulk that leaves after concussion pounds the basis of function stand or fall namely, the diameter is smaller, impact resistance can be better, service life is long also. The floor of off quality, its surface impact resistance is poor, bring about floor service life to suffer an effect. In addition, excoriation, floor is out of shape etc also is the problem with incidental floor of inferior and compound wood. </p>
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