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<p>The advantage of wooden model floor</p>
<p>(1) is waterproof, moistureproof.Qatar exterior wall panel agent Solved woodiness product to be opposite at all the look after bibulous be affected with damp be affected with damp is perishable in moisture and much water environment sodden, </p>
<p>Wooden model floor (17 pieces) expand metabolic problem, in the environment that can use traditional wood to cannot apply. </p>
<p>(2) is insect-resistant, prevent termite, put an end to bug effectively kind annoy, prolong service life. </p>
<p>(3) much appearance is colorful,5/4 wood exterior stair treads the color that can offer an alternative is numerous. Have natural woodiness feeling and woodiness grain already, can come according to oneself individual character again the color of custom-built need</p>
<p>(4) plasticity is strong, very can simple implementation individuation modelling, reflect individual character style adequately. </p>
<p>(Sex of 5) high environmental protection, free from contamination, without social effects of pollution, can use circularly. The product does not contain benzene material, formaldehyde content is 0.2, under EO grade level, rate for Europe environmental protection standard, can use big political integrity to make an appointment with lumber to use an amount circularly, suit the national policy that can develop continuously, benefit society. </p>
<p>(6) prevents bad temper high. Can effective flame retardant,wooden deck designs with recycled wood fire prevention grade reachs B1 level, receive ammunition from extinguish, do not produce any toxic gas. </p>
<p>(7) machinability is good, can order, but dig, can curium, can get, the surface can go up lacquer. </p>
<p>(8) installation is simple, construction is convenient, do not need multifarious construction technology, save installation time and cost. </p>
<p>(9) not chap, do not expand, changeless form, hurricane resistant wood handrail need not maintenance and conserve, facilitating cleanness, save later period maintenance and upkeep cost. </p>
<p>(10) is sound-absorbing the effect is good, energy-saving sex is good, make indoor and energy-saving be as high as 30% above. </p>
<p>The function of wooden model floor</p>
<p>1, physical function: Intensity good, hardness is tall, prevent slippery, wear-resisting, not craze, not bug eat by moth, water imbibition is small, be able to bear or endure ageing, anti-corrosive, fight electrostatic and ultraviolet ray, insulation, adiabatic, flame retardant, can fight 75 ℃ high temperature and - the low temperature of 40 ℃ . </p>
<p>2, environmental protection function: Zoology wood, environmental protection wood, but second birth, do not contain poisonous material, critical chemical part, antiseptic, release without the harmful material such as formaldehyde, benzene, won't cause air pollution and environmental pollution, can 100% reclaim new treatment uses recycle, also but biology degradation. </p>
<p>3, the exterior feels character: Have the natural exterior of lumber, qualitative feeling. Better than lumber dimension stability, without wood division scar, won't produce crackle, warp, be out of shape, the product can make a variety of facial expression, the surface need not drench Qi Yi can be protected for a long time 2 times new not fade. </p>
<p>4, machine function: Have the fabricating sex of lumber, if can curium, but dig, felt, secure with nail or bolt, all sorts of profile standard standards, construction installation is quick and convenient. Carry groovy exercise kind, can process all sorts of establishment and product. Origin: Consider the model that amount to wood</p>
23.06.17, 02:51:42
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